Museo y Yacimiento Arqueológico de las Eretas

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A settlement founded in the 7th century BC awaits your visit to show you how people lived in the Iron Age. The Las Eretas archaeological site is in Berbinzana, a village on the banks of the Arga river in the Central Zone of Navarre, a few kilometres from Tafalla, Olite, Estella, Puente la Reina and Artajona. The site shows the remains of a fortified settlement from the 6th and 4th centuries BC, and a stretch of the defensive wall, a tower and a house of the time have been reproduced for you to see, visit and find out everything about with the help of different information resources in a modern museum devoted to the subject where household items and remains recovered during the archaeological excavation are conserved and exhibited.

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The site, declared a Site of Cultural Interest, is open at weekends and on public holidays throughout the year. It is one of the earliest examples found in the Alto Ebro district of a type of fortification whose basic structure would not change much until well into the late Middle Ages. Come to Berbinzana and find out how people lived on the banks of the Arga river 2,500 years ago.

Moneda del 25 Aniversario de Las Eretas

25th Anniversary of the Discovery of the Museum and Archaeological Site "The Eretas"

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