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The Iron Age home

Their meals they take sitting, on seats put up round the walls, and they take place on these according to their age and rank. The supper is carried round, and whilst drinking they dance to the sound of the flute and trumpet, springing up and sinking upon the knees.
Strabo (Geography, III, 3, 7)

The family home

The dwellings investigated at Las Eretas were based on the Celtic house model with a rectangular floor plan; they were of similar size and the same level of wealth, which seems to indicate that there were no social differences between the families that inhabited the settlement.

They had compacted earth floors and usually had the following spaces: an entrance area behind the door where there was usually an oven, a main room with a central hearth and, behind it, the pantry, which had rammed-earth benches painted red and black, as were the walls they lined. The two main beams supporting the roof, which was made of tree trunks, branches, straw and earth, rested on posts driven into the ground.

Detalle de vivienda de la Edad del Hierro


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