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Museum project

The conceptual approach central to this project considered that the discourse of the exhibition should maintain the historical accuracy and ideological impartiality of the subject matter which the museum aims to communicate to society, avoiding the trivialisation of the contents offered. Similarly, the integrity of the cultural assets on display has been scrupulously respected, creating to this end the most appropriate conditions of conservation and security in the building.

Vista del interior del Museo

The museographic presentation of the permanent exhibition, integrated into the architecture of the building, is attractive and understandable to the uninitiated public; it visually stimulates the visitor with the most appropriate graphic and technological resources and devices for the purposes pursued by the museum. The institution is a unique space for cultural encounter, provoking and inviting reflection among the people and groups that visit it with its message.

As a main strategy, the Las Eretas Museum and Archaeological Site projects the scientific research carried out at the settlement, explaining the period with tangible elements and reconstructing the socio-economic and cultural context of the Iron Age through original archaeological materials. It wishes to and should be a "school of learning” aimed at all types of audiences: students, retirees, families, educational groups, specialists and tourists

As cultural objectives, the Las Eretas Museum and Archaeological Site aims to:

  1. Disseminate and explain the existence of the fortified village of Las Eretas,
  2. Show the culture of the Iron Age in what is now Navarre,
  3. Exhibit a collection of archaeological remains duly conserved and documented according to the discourse that it communicates,
  4. Provide an educational proposal aimed at schools of different levels and cultural groups through varied strategies and outreach offers,
  5. Collaborate with other similar scientific centres and turn this museum into a benchmark of regional archaeology.

Other more general purposes aim at generating economic wealth and promoting sustainable rural development in the area through the movement of people and tourism, and facilitating cultural, regional and intergenerational exchange among those who visit the museum.

Mediante Resolución 101/2011, de 29 de marzo del Director General de Cultura, se procedió al reconocimiento como colección museográfica permanente, el Museo y Yacimiento Arqueológico de las Eretas y se inscribió en el Registro de Museos de Navarra.

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