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Other Museums in Navarre

The Iron Age at other museums in Navarre

Museum of Navarre (Pamplona)


The Museum of Navarre is a public service run by the Government of Navarre, one of whose main objectives is to take the heritage and history of Navarrese culture to people of all kinds. To do this, in addition to conserving, increasing and disseminating the assets which bear witness to this heritage, it is also responsible for cataloguing, restoring and investigating them. The clear, well organised presentation of the collection is designed to promote and publicise works and artists for educational and recreational ends.

Castejón Museum (Castejón)


Located in the old food market, Castejón Museum shows us the town’s past through objects and possessions that belonged to those that lived there, including numerous exhibits from the Iron Age and the age of the railway at the end of the 19th century. The museum houses reproductions of the Celtiberian necropolis of El Castillo and the Roman settlement of El Montecillo, both of which are visible from the building’s terrace. The different showcases display the burial offerings found in the tombs, which include weapons and ceramics. The arrival of the railway and the choice of Castejón as a junction station in 1859 due to its ideal strategic location led to great economic and demographic growth, marking the history of the town. The exhibition, therefore, is completed with several machines and objects related to rail transport: photographs, a curious medicine cabinet, a fire cart and reproductions of a turn-of-the-century bar and stationmaster's office.

Tudela Museum (Dean’s Palace)


In the mediaeval cellar of the Dean’s Palace, a room has been created in whose display cabinets you can find objects from the most significant Bronze and Iron Age archaeological sites in the region: Bardenas Reales, El Alto de la Cruz in Cortes, El Castejón in Arguedas, La Torraza in Valtierra, El Castillo in Castejón and the hill of Santa Bárbara in Tudela.

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